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Big Dripper Water Hauling Fleet
# of Units
Type of Truck
Tandem Axle
12,000 Litres
Tandem Pup
12,000 Litres
Tandem Axle
11,500 Litres
Single Axle
3,800 Litres
Landscape/Hot Tubs

Our Fleet

Able to deliver up to 24,000 Litres per trip (truck and trailer), our fleet includes three potable tandem axle trucks, one potable pup trailer, one tandem axle non-potable truck and one single axle non-potable truck.

All of our potable trucks have food grade epoxy lined tanks that have been thoroughly inspected by A.H.S. personnel. Regular water samples are taken to the A.H.S. ad analyzed to ensure our customers receive the highest quality potable water available.

Our tandem axle non-potable truck is equipped with a cab-controlled spray system with five spray heads for road spraying/dust control. Our single axle truck uses a 3" Honda pump with a 2" hose for hot tubs, landscape watering, etc. It is also a 4-wheel drive, so getting to your hot tub is no problem, even in the winter!

Our Staff

Big Dripper Water Hauling's experienced and certified drivers deliver your water safely and efficiently. A full time fleet manager conducts regular supervision of drivers and oversees preventative maintenance programs on all vehicles and equipment. Our rig trucks are equipped with emergency shutoffs and all drivers have required safety courses. We carry $2,000,000.00 of both General Liability and Vehicle Liability insurance and maintain active accounts with Worker's Compensation.

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